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Alicia Munian

Passionate Digital Marketing Specialist
with 8+ Years of Experience


Versatile skillset

DSLR Photography


SEO Optimization

Web Design


Graphic Design


nice to meet you!

My name is Alicia and I am a passionate digital marketing expert with six years of experience. I am a first-generation Guyanese American that has always been very goal-oriented. I believe that staying well-versed in marketing practices is vital to staying relevant in any industry. I am always learning and finding new ways to improve my skills.


I began my career in marketing eight years ago working in politics, managing the communications and social media for elected officials. Following that, I had the opportunity to work in six different countries around the world, doing impactful marketing and volunteer work for an international volunteer service organization. I have worked with several different companies now as a contractor, working with a variety of budgets from 6-7 figures. 

In my free time, I love to go on hikes in nature, write poetry, and meditate! I am a traveler at heart, and always researching the next place to go.

From web design, graphic design to writing and media, I have picked up numerous skills in along my journey. I have persuasive communication skills and excellent networking capabilities.  My compassion and dedication to helping others drive my ambition. I work well under high pressured situations and empower my team members to get work done. 

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