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Cashapp: $goals5111
Venmo: goals5111

If you choose any of these pay option and you receive a confirmation email and 5 hours please notify us via text or email.

READINGS USING THE OTHER PAY OPTIONS- Please pick an available date and time on the calendar for your reading. Once you choose a date and time notify us by sending an email or a text and someone will add your appointment to the calendar. Please send payment to either pay app you choose. The price depends on the reading you picked when you picked your date and time.

IN PERSON - Contact Kalicia’s Botanica directly to schedule a in person reading of any category listed below, Reiki, or to purchase spiritual Items at the location in Rahway NJ. Prices are the same as the prices listed below,

PREPARING FOR YOUR PHONE READING- Please have a pen and paper handy during readings to keep a record of predictions and timelines. Make sure you are relax during your reading. Nervous energy can create false predictions. PLEASE SURE IT’S QUIET WHERE YOU ARE DURING YOUR PHONE READING. NO CHILDREN IN THE BACKGROUND OR DRIVING DURING YOUR READING UNLESS YOU CAN ASSURE IT WILL BE QUIET. CALL CAN BE SUBJECT TO RESCHEDULE DUE TO THIS MATTER.

REQUIRES A PHONE READING- Any questions about Murder, Death, Mediumship, Kidnapping, Robbery, Paternity Test or Gender Reveal, Lost Items,Testing, Court Case Readings can not be asked in an email reading. Please click the option for those categories listed below to schedule a phone reading. Also keep in mind asking questions about others besides yourself for example court case, job finding, paternity etc could created false predictions. I would suggest letting that person contact for a reading.

EMERGENCY READINGS-ONLY MONDAY THRU FRIDAY NO WEEKENDS. You can pick any date on the calendar for an emergency reading. After you purchase the emergency reading please contact us by text and you will be scheduled at the earliest convenience. Emergency Readings can not be purchased through Click4advisor. EMERGENCY READINGS MAY NOT APPLY ON HOLIDAYS, NOR THE DAY BEFORE A HOLIDAY AND THE DAY AFTER A HOLIDAY.

SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS- Unfortunately we do not take new clients the same day. Unless you would like to pay for an emergency reading.

WHICH READING TO CHOOSE - Kalicia doesn’t mind which reading you pick as long as you picked the correct amount of time you need to talk to her for the duration of your reading. Besides the obvious like Spell Discussions and Murder Investigation.

ASKING QUESTIONS- Clients can ask as many questions as they like during their phone reading. Questions are always welcome.

INSIGHT PROVIDED- Names, Dates, Initials, Accurate Timeline and much more.
PHONE READINGS OUTSIDE OF THE USA - Will be conducted on WhatsApp. If you do not have WhatsApp please download the free app.

MENTORING TRAINING AVAILABLE- For psychic training or mentoring. Please choose the option under Spiritual Awakening.

NO FREE SERVICES-Unfortunately Kalicia doesn’t do free questions or free services. Be careful with advisors who offer free services it’s usually because they want to charge you obscene amounts of money to remove negativity that you do not have. We don’t do that Just honest insight that actually happens with affordable rates.

SPEAK TO KALICIA- You can speak to me during a paid consultation ONLY. Jessica my Operations Manager handles all customer service inquiries. After your reading please do not send emails, DM, or text messages complaining or venting about a situation. If you have something to discuss please schedule a reading. Any progress you have made due to your reading please wait to discuss it at your next reading. You are welcome to send reviews or updates in the form of reviews at anytime. Existing Clients can contact either business line to schedule their reading. I love and care to hear from all my Clients, but if all my Clients and Instagram Followers are sending random messages it becomes overwhelming. You can schedule a time for me to call you, you can login for Friday Calls, or schedule an Emergency Reading. AGAIN, REVIEWS AND UPDATES IN THE FORM OF REVIEWS ARE APPRECIATED. EXISTING CLIENTS CAN TEXT EITHER BUSINESS LINE FOR SCHEDULING. VENTING, COMPLAINING OF A SITUATION, OR RANDOM PROGRESS UPDATES VIA TEXT MESSAGES, DM, OR EMAIL BEFORE OR AFTER A READING IS NOT APPRECIATED.

FULL EMAIL READINGS- We will still offer Full Email Reading as a option but we have removed the pay option for the service as of now. When we offer Full Email Reading will depend on the availability of Psychic Kalicia. Clients will need to contact Kalicia’s Botanica by email to check if we’re offering the service at that moment. We decided to make the Full Email Readings option a case by case service.
Instructions- Clients must send an email that consist of areas we should focus on. Please provide what prompted you to contact us as well as your concerns and questions. Kalicia will reply with all the information she picks up and answers to your questions you’ve sent. You can follow the format to send email questions listed below. A Full Email Reading would consist of 5-8 questions sent by a client.

TIMEFRAMES- Here at Kalicia’s Botanica we have guidelines in place for shipment, email response time, scheduling a private reading and purchased time on Click4Advisor. To ensure everyone’s situation is handled in a timely manner we have guidelines in place. Please read the information in regards to timeframes and please take a look at shipment timeframes on Etsy for Kalicia’s Botanica before you decide to do business with us. Everyone has a topic that’s important and everyone’s situation will be handled that way in a timely manner. We do have emergency reading and emergency weekend readings in place that are scheduled at Kalicia’s availability. At this time we do not have a rush option for email readings, Etsy shipments, or Click4Advisor. Please feel free to contact us for a refund before making the decision to try to rush us.
BIRTHDATES- If you don’t have a birthdate we can use the zodiac sign and age. Birthdates and Zodiac signs help pick up the person’s energy but if you do not have either one it’s fine you can still schedule your reading. Kalicia doesn’t need names or birthdates it helps with reading the person’s energy but not always needed. SPELLS- Follow @Kaliciasbotanica to witness all my Prayer Work that happens. I do not do Ritual work for everyone. To discuss Ritual Work please scroll down to schedule a spell discussion appointment. I will not take your money if I do not believe the Ritual will be beneficial to you.

FREE CLEANSING- Unfortunately Kalicia’s Botanica doesn’t offer free questions or free readings but we do offer free a cleansing. As of December 2020 we now offer a free cleansing after every reading. Whether is communicated or not, Yes, if you spoke to Kalicia already after December 2020 you received a cleansing. Again, It’s done for all clients after their reading whether we discussed it or not. The effects of the cleanse works differently for each person.

MISSED PREDICTIONS- If you do most of the talking during your reading I can not and will not extend your call. You will miss out on some of your predictions. If you want to talk I suggest purchasing enough time to do so. 20-30 minutes reading may not be enough time.
PSYCHIC EVENTS- Please text the following number 732-301-4593 or email at us with a head count, location, and date of the event. Someone will contact you with Kalicia’s availability and rates. The rate(s) are determined by the number of people, location, and date of the event. We are located in the Rahway, New Jersey area.

PACKAGE READINGS- The unused purchased minutes do not expire until you use them.

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