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Meditations from the Mind of a Global Thinker


The notion of life is a miraculous experience that is difficult to comprehend. Through our adventures, we are constantly learning, even without being consciously aware. The ebb and flow of waves remind us that life must be balanced, that there must be a perpetual give and take in every aspect of our life. The sun's light reminds us that too much of something good can be dangerous. What we recognize in the macrocosm of nature is often true in the microcosm through our subjective life experiences. We are beings of nature looking back on itself, trying to understand itself.


Transformation is a beautiful concept--to start off as one being and transform into something seemingly entirely new and different. We see this in nature as the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. As a chrysalis, a caterpillar literally dematerializes and sheds all of it's being into a formless pile. If you were to break open a chrysalis, you would just see goo, but this is every part of the caterpillar in liquid form. Inside the chrysalis, the goo then re-materializes itself into a beautiful being, a butterfly. From the beginning, a caterpillar had all the components to be its fullest form, but it must reconfigure and metamorpihize to become something seemingly different and more beautiful. Each stage is vital to fully developing and becoming its highest self. Without fully forming at earlier stages, the butterfly faces difficulties in emerging in adult form. Take time to develop at each stage, and you will emerge as the being that you want to become. 


You perspective of the world is limited to only what you know. Indulge yourself in different topics, go to different places, and try different things. You will find there are so many things that you don't know. There is always something to learn. The world is not as black and white as the history books make it seem. 


Fill your pages up with people and opportunities that will help drive you towards the goals that you wish to accomplish. As you stand in the present, take time to introspect on who you are, and how you got to where you are today. Use the positive aspects of your character to propel you towards your life goals, and use negative aspects as agents for change. None of us are perfect beings, and this is why we must progress everyday. Strive to be the best 'you' that you can be.


Without other people we'd be nothing . Everything that we have is an accumulation of the hard work of another person. Even something as simple as brushing your teeth accumulated the work of dozens of people-- think about all the materials that were utilized to go into that one product, and the amount of manpower that went into it. We must be grateful and respectful to each other, because we all have a place and a purpose. 

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